Tell me what to do with old socks!

Hey! Tell me what to do with old socks!

Hey. I hope that the old gloves, you do not throw away. Because of these toys are very cute, and I take all friends children. Today, you will learn what you can do from the old but cute socks (socks certainly clean and not torn :-)).

So, now I offer the option of how to make the bunny with his own hands.

To do this we need to:

  • fabric pen (marker),
  • filler (padding polyester, or wool hollofayber)
  • thread,
 Tell me what to do with old socks! Well, first draw a line on the toes for trimming as shown in Figure 2. Don’t forget to leave a seam 3-5 mm.

Tell me what to do with old socks!

Turns the sock inside out and sew the future of the lugs as shown in the picture.

Our next step.

Again wrenched the sock back and carefully stuff it with filler. Filler uniformly pushes the pencil to toe took the form of a future Bunny. After filling with filler tabs, go to the body. It is also necessary to fill tightly but not much that he would have been a nice touch.

Now, we need to close the sock, so sew up the hole with black thread. So we get little puffy ball 🙂


Now all we have is a little, draw a funny face Bunny. Take a red marker and draw eyes, nose and smile! Then take a black marker and draw on top of the eyes and mouth.

Well, now we have a wonderful Bunny!

 Tell me what to do with old socks!

Have a good day, and don’t throw out socks if they have lost a few, because you now know what to do from one cute sock! I guarantee you that even if you are bad at sewing, and you do not succeed at first time with a toy, make a second, third, and you definitely get the super charming toy.

Just, for God’s sake, don’t ask your friends if they have extra socks at home 🙂