Valentine's Day: Legend and tradition

Valentine’s Day: Legend and tradition. 25 ideas

There are several legends that explain why people celebrate the February 14 Valentine’s Day. One of them – such a …
In the III century BC, in the year 269, the emperor of the ancient world Claudius forbade his legionaries to marry. To the family does not distract them from their feats of arms. But there was a priest (the only one in the whole of Rome), who agrees to marry everyone – contrary to the law. When Claudius found out about this, he told the priest to grab and throw him in jail. February 14 he was executed.

Valentine's Day: Legend and tradition

Legend also says that Valentine, sitting in prison, wrote notes jailer’s daughter.

Therefore, even 200 years after the death of father Valentine, Romans  in his memory began February 14 of each year to write notes to your loved ones – valentines. According to another version, the first Valentine card was written by prisoners in the Tower and Duke of Orleans was a long love poem addressed to his wife.

However, in this day to congratulate not only lovers but also of all Valentine and Valentine, as well as the opposite sex, causing sympathy.

Give on Valentine’s Day, of course, need valentine – note with humorous poems and wishes (according to tradition, they do not sign. And the handwriting is trying to change: it is assumed that the recipient must guess who sent the valentine). In addition, the gift can be any thing that has a heart shape (preferably red): candy, cushions, wallets …

Actually, Valentine’s Day

– a holiday very rich ideas. And I do not believe that the heart the idea banal.

After all, it can be beat:

  • embroidered bed (or underwear underwear) hearts,
  • hearts decorate the apartment with warm wishes,
  • heart flower …
  • make a huge pillow,
  • to bake a delicious cake (only own),
  • make a huge beautiful valentine,

Yeah, you never know what else you can do as a heart!

The main thing that was a gift from the heart and, preferably, made with his own hands. Personally, I not accept this day of expensive gifts: a better Valentine, but made their own hands.

So today I want to give you many ideas how you can decorate your home in this wonderful day, Valentine’s Day!