How to make a bracelet of Pop Can Tab

In the spring and summer I want something bright, beautiful. Come to the aid of accessories that complement and make the image unique.

If to gather up the pop can tab, drinking Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola or beer, you can make an original bracelet.

To connect can keys it is possible to take gum, shoelaces, satin ribbon, strips of fabric, and more, on what the imagination will suffice.

The scheme is very well visible and clear, as is the netting and I think that is not necessary to describe.


Try it and you will get this beautiful bracelet.

If you take the colored bands, the bracelet will stretch and fit snugly to the hand. Also very nice would be if tie the ends of the ribbons on the bow.

In addition to the bracelet and strap on a pair of jeans. In combination with the bracelet it will look very stylish.


Look how in half hour a handful of safe pins and beads to make a beautiful African bracelet.



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