Plastic bottle containers

Plastic bottle containers

These Plastic Bottle boxes make a splendid gift for women yet would too be a nice DIY gift for anyone this time of year. They are ideal for autumn! And you can fill them with a small keepsake or puny gift, but I suggest these mini jars of apple butter! A very seasonal and delicious treat.

We will need.
  • Two identical plastic bottles.
  • Scissors.
  • Hole puncher.
  • Zipper.
  • Paint in cans.
  • Cord

I would advice choose medium plastic 1 liter and 1.5 liter bottles. For truly large gifts you could utilize 2 liter bottles.

Let’s Start

First I cut the bottoms off the bottles and made sure they were clean and dry.

Plastic bottle containers

From bottles we will only need the bottom part (but the rest do not throw away – still need it).

Step Two

Then I spray painted the inside of the bottle bottoms with red and green colors. Ensure you are coated with the tape.

Begin spray the insides lightly. You will must to apply a few layers to achieve an even coat that does not have drips or pools of wet paint. You only necessity to wait a five minutes between paint coats.

Plastic bottle containers

Step Three

Now we need to fix the zip lock.

There are many ways to do it:

  • can be glued with special glue for plastic,
  • glue gun,
  • you can just sew.
When the color is dry, delete the painters tape and fire up your hot glue gun! I will glue the zipper to the outside rim of the bottles. You will want to buy the 18″ or 22″ long zippers (not the 7″) and then cut the end off and seal it down with hot glue (I also learned this lesson the hard way).

First sew one end of the zipper to one of the bottle bottoms and then unzip it almost all the way and sew the other side to the rim of the second bottle bottom.

Plastic bottle containers

Finish Step

The container can be made in the form of an apple, or decorated in the form of an weird little monster or animal.

I used carton to cut-out a stalk and green cards stock for a paper leaf. The stem is hot-glued on and the leaf is tied onto the stem with fiber. The leaf would be a good place to write for example a “to” and “from.”

Plastic bottle containers

By the way, if you still have empty plastic bottles, then I advise you to make wonderful flower pots.