Vintage puzzle photo blocks

Vintage Photo Puzzle Block. DIY

 Today I will teach how make Vintage Puzzle Photo Block.

If you have small children or your friends, then you can make them (or yourself 🙂 a wonderful gift – Puzzle Photo Block. Previously, I had a post with interesting ideas for photos. This small puzzle on low wooden blocks can be shown on a table, and the images can be changed by add six photos to the blocks. The cover has a bright, plastic window to hold the blocks indoors.

First of all for begin we need

  • a bundle of small wooden blocks,
  • a picture frame box, (you can make out of cardboard)
  • a piece of plastic cut to fit the photo box lid

I found mini wooden blocks at here. There are 100 cubes in the package, and they measure 2 cm square. If you can’t find mini wooden blocks, attempt take a larger size.
Estimation out the number of blocks that will satisfy your case. Then, trim down the box’s top edges with a craft knife to make it more shallow, if desired.

Step 1

Print a photo of your kids on regular paper, sized to fit on the blocks you counted out.

Vintage Photo Puzzle Gift

Step 2

Use good glue to attach the wooden blocks to the bottom of the photo.

Step 3

Once the glue dries, use a craft knife to detached the blocks.

Then, print second photo, lay it down and attach the bare sides of the blocks to it. You can hang up to six photos, one for each side of the cubes.

Step 4

Trim off any surplus paper and don’t trouble if your cuts aren’t ideal photo puzzle block — you’ll be sanding the corner.

Step 5

Let the glue to dry in full, and then sand the edges for a worn look.

Step 6

Paint the box bronze, allow it dry and follow with a top coat of azure paint.

After the azure coloration dries fully, sand the box in different places to make it look worn.

Step 7

Glue the section of clear plastic to the inside of the lid to finish the window.

Vintage photo puzzle blocks

In finally get together the blocks in the shell. Yet with the lid on the box, the photo is still visible, and the blocks will stay put.

Your Vintage Photo Puzzle Block is ready!