DIY Monster Pencil Holder from the bottle of the shampoo

I hope you’ve seen the movie “Monsters, Inc”? There is a lot of “scary” monsters are actually very cute. Today I will show you how from an empty shampoo bottle can make pencil holder such a “monster”.

For this we need empty containers from shampoos, hair conditioners or liquid for washing dishes. I’ll tell you even more, grab any bottle and start experimenting.

We need:

  1. empty shampoo bottle.
  2. scissors.
  3. a utility knife.


Take the marker and draw a line cut in the top of the bottle. Don’t forget that the top part is we don’t. From the top we will make foot or tail, you can make the wings.


Now you need to cut exactly on the line. Take the top piece and draw on it’s feet, then they cut. Then glue the back paw to our monster.

The next step

Black self-adhesive paper, draw his mouth in the shape of a Crescent and cut with scissors. Glue the monsters mouth. So do his eyes.

That’s all

There is left behind a piece of glue and double-sided tape can be attached to the wall above the desk.