DIY Paper Rose Bud

Start make paper rose by gathering your materials. We chose a pretty pink paper for the buds, but any rose color would look beautiful. You will also need floral wire and floral tape for this project. After you have your pieces trimmed and ready to go, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to guide you through the assembly process.

So we need

  • scissors
  • color plain paper
  • pencil


on colored paper draw the petals and leaves to pattern, then cut our paper according to the pattern notes. We use the edge of scissors to curl the ends of the green part of the ends.


we use again the edge of scissors to curl the petals (fig.4). Fold the leaves in half and curl both sides. Glue green bud pieces to form a cup (image 6).

Next step

Glue 5 petals in a fun shape, overlapping as shown. You will glue one small spot on the left side of each lower petal to keep right sides of petals free to curl.

Attach your paper rose bud to a piece of floral wire with hot glue, and then cover it will floral tape before gluing on your leaves. There are two versions of the paper rose bud representing different stages of blooming.

Your petals should form a cone with tips at top of cone. Shape and glue final petal in to place to create full spiral. For the smaller rosebud, gently curl back the flaps.
For larger rosebud tuck in another 5 petals and tack into place with hot glue, curl back the flaps of the last 5 added pieces.
Place and glue wide edge of pink petals into green bud piece.

And don’t hesitate to write in with your own suggestions of projects or flowers for us to make next!

Until next time!



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