Pink Giant Paper Peony

Hi. With the holidays coming up and wish they were unforgettable! For this you need to decorate the house in a special way. That’s what you need to do here such giant paper peony. Of course peonies are not as great, but for decoration we can make any size.

We will need:

  • glue,
  • straight arms
  • pencil
  • pink paper,
  • scissors,

The number and size of the petals you have to pick up yourself, because it all depends on the size of the flower.

Let’s start make paper peony

Drawn on pink paper of the first large petal. Take scissors and carefully cut along the line of it. Make these petals 8 pieces. Curl leaves with edge of scissors and glue leaves in a circle (image 3-4).

We continue to create a flower

Cut a circle (diameter of about 3 inches) from the paper and glue it to the base of the bud. Draw and cut out of paper the second row of petals. These petals should be smaller by 70%. They, too, should be 7-9 pieces, and too curl leaves with edge of scissors.


You guessed it? Sticking petals around (see image 6-7). Then do the next row of petals, which is accordingly smaller. And the process repeats. Until we make the smallest petals size 1 inch (photo 10). That’s all. Indeed, a lot of work, but the result is amazing.


You can experiment with different types of paper and size and shape of the petals. Then you can decorate the wall or do a panel.




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