Gentle Paper Hibiscus Flowers

DIY Gentle Paper Hibiscus Flowers

China rose or hibiscus is an incredibly popular plant that is widely known in “the culture room”. Already in the eighteenth century, European Botanic gardens were full of colourful hibiscus that can bloom almost any shade other than black and blue. Exotic form flowers with Golden stamens fused filament can not attract attention, and for this reason, today do this paper hibiscus. Even for photo Chinese rose looks wonderful, and worth seeing at least once live, it is impossible not to fall in love!

Here is the good news. . . they are quite easy to make with a little bit of crepe and … just pick bright pinks, oranges and green crepe papers gather your other materials and use the step-by-step tutorial below to make your bright blooms. Enjoy!

Today we need
  • scissors
  • color plain paper
  • pencil
  • pliers
  • hot glue gun
  • florist wire
  • florist tape (20 gage or higher)
  • spray color acrylic

Let’s begin

Drawing on crepe paper leaves and petals, 5 pieces for each flower. Tab size 3×2 inches. Leaves size 4×2 inches. Now cut petals and leaves from crepe paper and center pieces from tissue paper. To add even more interest you can simple blooms, spray the edges of your petals with a yellow paint to create an ombre effect (photo 3).

Step two, just handmade.

Fold tissue paper strips in half as noted on the pattern then fringe the folded edge. Using scissors, make cuts along the strips of fringe as shown in photo 4.

Gentle Paper Hibiscus Flowers

Step three, we need more glue

Include the glue gun and begin glue petals at bottom into fan shape overlapping half the petal with next petal. Further, glue center of flower onto stems at bottom point (see photo 6).

Step four,  assemble paper hibiscus

Initiate wrap petals around florist wire and attach with all petals forming spiral (see photo 7). Flower bud is ready, it remains to attach the leaves and decorate with ribbon stalk.

Step five, final

Glue leaf onto base of bloom, them trim wire, wrap stems with floral tape and curl stem. Shape petals to fold back and stretch edge to form ruffle.

Gentle Paper Hibiscus Flowers

That’s all. Now let’s see what beauty you have just created. Isn’t it amazing?

Gentle Paper Hibiscus Flowers