Paper Hears Garlands to Valentines

DIY Paper Garlands Hears to Valentine’s Day

Hi. Valentine’s Day is coming and we all prepare the gifts for your loved ones. Gifts is nice, but you need a little house to decorate. Although to be honest I’m only two weeks ago we removed the Christmas decorations 🙂 .

Today I will show you how you can easily decorate your (or someone else) the house with a simple colored paper. For example for a party on Valentine’s day. If you take your loved one for the making of these garlands for a couple of hours can fill the house with festive atmosphere!
Garlands are of three types.

The first garland.

We need

  • a package of colored paper,
  • hole punch,
  • glue for paper,
  • strong thread,
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • stamps, heart-shaped

If you have no stamp in the shape of a heart, it does not matter. Make a stencil out of cardboard, just draw a symmetrical heart and cut out with a knife.

Further, using the stencil, draw on colored paper silhouettes of hearts in a row as will fit on the sheet. Using scissors or a sharp knife cut out the hearts. Using the hole punch make the holes as seen in figure 2. Then through these holes hold the white cord. It remains to choose a place where you can hang the garland first.

Paper Garlands to Valentines

Garland number two

Advantages of the second garland is that it is the volume. Draw the hearts as shown in figure 1. With the help of the stencil. Cut out the figure 4, bend and glue as shown. At the end of a heart make a hole using the hole punch. Through these holes extend the thread and hang the garland on the next wall.


Paper Garlands to Valentines

Third paper garland

This garland is the easiest to make, and if you don’t have a lot of time, can only do it. But she looks very beautiful. For its production we need to just cut colored paper into strips. Usually a single sheet cut into 3 strips. Curl the two ends in so they meet in the middle. Punch 3 holes one on each side and one in the center.

This operation do with the other colored strips. Then collect the hearts on the twine.

Paper Garlands to Valentines

That’s all! Your paper garlands ready for the holiday. And here’s another paper garland for you

Yes, I almost forgot, the Valentine’s day to you!