Panel-lamp made of plywood with their hands

A simple sheet of plywood using a drill you can create the most genuine piece of art, which at night will turn into eye-catching night light. To create a panel-lamp made of plywood with their hands, a special talent is required. Will need a bit of fantasy, a time to find the right pictures and even a couple of hours processing a wooden base. All the details of this fascinating process, next.


Before starting work, check:

  • sheet of plywood with a treated edge;
  • black-and-white printing;
  • drills;
  • drills of different diameter;
  • tape;
  • a fine-grained emery paper.

Step 1. Take the printout. It can be depicted, anything. A mandatory requirement is the availability of precise contours that make it easy to understand the story or figure in the picture. The format of the printout should match the size of the plywood.

Step 2. Put the printout on the plywood sheet. Secure it with tape. Fix the paper firmly so it does not slip during operation. This is important.

Step 3. Take the drill and drill bits of different diameter and make holes along the lines of pre-print. For wide bands take drill bits of larger diameter, thin – less. Continue until repeat all the lines on the printout.

Step 4. Remove the paper from the sheet of plywood, remove the duct tape residue and scuff the surface of the panels obtained using fine-grained sandpaper.

Panels ready. You can just fasten it to the wall, leaving as paintings or screw from behind the staples and mounted on the wall below between the surface and the panels there is a gap. Send under the panels a garland or a led strip, and it will automatically turn into an interesting light.



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