Napkin Holders Made Of Plastic Bottles

It is not always possible to choose the appropriate accessories that would suit to the interior of the kitchen, especially in the country. To run to the shops and pick up little things? It usually is not enough time. But to make them their own hands – is another matter. We will talk today about the sulfenic. To make napkin holders from the material at hand. For this DIY approach even a plastic bottle of shampoo or detergent. And not necessarily out of the bottle to cut out fancy shapes. But that stand has really become not only practical, but also pleasant to the eyes, it should be for a hack to apply a small decor, matching your interior.

Please note, these charming napkin holders. It’s amazing how decoupage on such marginal material as the bottle, change the perception crafts. Modest and elegant, this napkin holder will decorate your kitchen interior , giving it originality and uniqueness.

These stands can be successfully used not only for napkins in the kitchen but also for bathroom. Comfortable, practical and beautiful.




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