Another one Miniature Christmas Tree

Our heavy floristic crepe is so perfect for creating winter textures. Paper botanicals like pine needles. I’ll show you how on this paper to make a miniature Christmas tree. It is possible to decorate your Desk, Yes you do know who her give.
As always, you can find your crepe paper materials for example in this online store, together with floral tape.

Our not complicated DIY project requires a two materials – the only other thing you need is 20 gauge floral wire.

So we need

Let’s start, turn on your glue gun

Firstly cut strips of paper 2 by 10 inches and fringe the edge, cutting with the grain. Now twist each piece of frange.

Next step

Carefully wrap strip around end of floral wire and glue as pictures 4.

And now

wrap the base of the needles and wire with green floral tape. We have left to wrap each finished pine needle stem together with 1 at the top, then 4, 8 and 12 at the bottom using floral type. If you need a bigger tree you simply add as many branches as you need.

Miniature Christmas tree

We just have to set the tree in a small pot and decorate it with beads or plastic balls of different color and diameter. Merry Christmas.



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