Mini Zen garden with their hands

Rock garden or Zen garden — cultural structure of Japan, which is a usually a flat sandy area with several asymmetrically placed stones. Such an island of tranquility and harmony can be arranged anywhere, for example, on the desktop in the office, making a miniature replica of the Zen garden. And if you usually in this composition, main role is played by the stones, we proposed to make a mini Zen garden with his own hands with the use of plants: cacti, succulents and aeroview.

How to make a mini Zen garden with your own hands?

Very, very simple. For this cook:

  • a plant (cactus or succulent);
  • fine sand (for terrariums and aquariums, landscape design);
  • optional — soil for succulents;
  • capacity (transparent bowl, ceramic pot, box).

There are four main ways to make a miniature Zen garden.

  1. The pot is just buried in the sand so that I could see was a plant.
  2. Special soil for succulents or a regular placed in a nylon sock, put back the plant and tie the nylon. Then this bag with the plant buried in the sand.
  3. Many desert plants can be planted directly in the sand. But don’t forget to put on the bottom of the pot small stones for drainage.
  4. The second option is suitable for any plants. On the bottom of the container put the stones for drainage, then a layer of soil, and only the upper 2-3 cm of fill sand.

dzen-2A special rake, stick or pen to create patterns and designs on the surface of the sand, every day is a new day. This contemplative activity is sure to bring You peace of mind and allow you to relax.





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