DIY: How to making candles. Layered and scent

The New year always want something special, not only for themselves but for the home, and in this case, a great solution would be a fragrant making candles. They will create a festive atmosphere that will fill the home with warmth and soft, flickering light. The ability to make scented candles with your own hands at home is now one of the most popular Hobbies, especially since all the ingredients of the candles you can find in specialized stores. Our today’s master class will talk about how to make your own hands a special, multi-layered, fragrant candle. Each layer of this candle will differ not only in color, but its own smell.

We need supplies

  • Small glass jars (be sure they are the kind that won’t break when heated)
  • Soy or beeswax flakes or pellets
  • Essential oils
  • Candle wick
  • Crayons
  • Small pans

How to making candles. Layered and scent

Gather together all the necessary ingredients. Fasten one end of the wick on a special holder, and the other wrap around the pencil. Place holder for the wick to the bottom of the heat-resistant jars, then put on her neck pencil so that the wick is in a vertical state.

In a small sauce pan dip the wax or soy granules for the production of candles. Put a small saucepan inside a large pan, pour in a large pot enough water so that it reached the middle of the wall a small saucepan. Put this design on the fire, and melt the wax in a water bath.

How to making candles. Layered and scent

RUB colored wax crayons on the grater. Melted wax is pour into cups, resistant to heat in the microwave. In each of the cups, add the shavings of colored chalk selected color and 5 – 10 drops of different essential oils. The contents of all cups mix thoroughly to melkova the chips are melted, and the wax in each Cup a distinctive color and smell.

How to making candles. Layered and scent

Now pour in a jar with a wick of the first layer, wait until it hardens at room temperature. Heat with 15-second intervals in the microwave the wax of a different color, pour another layer, wait until it hardens.

Repeat this procedure until all 4 layers will not take location the place not freeze. So you got to making candles for the holiday.

How to making candles. Layered and scent




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