DIY. How to make wreath for half an hour

Very soon there will come Christmas and New Year, therefore, an urgent need to decorate your home! For those who like more things made by hand, I’ll show you how to make wreath on the door out of scrap materials.

Let’s make this wreath right now

What you need:

Let’s begin

Based on the wreath, you can take a ring of plastic or wire. But if you now there is nothing suitable, it is possible to make the basis of just paper or old Newspapers. Turn the newspaper into a tube, then make it into a ring. Fasten the ends with glue.


To give rigidity to the wreath, wrap white crepe paper in several layers. Take green decorative tulle and wrap our “donut”, and we fix everything (figure 4). Now fasten glue one end of the green tinsel on the base of the wreath, and wrap the garland around the ring (figure 5).

And lastly.

Well, the wreath is ready, it remains the most enjoyable. Begin to decorate it all that will tell us a fantasy – fir cones, plastic fruit, flowers and so on. That’s it, now we are ready to meet Santa.

Look at the clock, we were able to make a beautiful Christmas wreath for half an hour!

Happy crafting!




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