DIY How to make paper modern ornaments

You probably know since school that make paper decorations for the holiday?

These ornaments can be make paper of any color or flexible plastic, in general, any flexible and shiny material

-Why do we love the homemade paper?

Because it is very easy and fun! Paper – the perfect material: soft, moderately elastic, durable and of course just beautiful. And another important quality: the paper is cheap. So if something did not work, you can safely throw out in the trash, and re-start to create!

So, let’s begin.

We need:

For one,

we need to cut out decoration five strips of colored paper of different lengths. The size of the stripes can find themselves to be more interesting, and I have the largest about 11 inches in length by 5 inches in width (30cm x15cm) and the smallest about 9 in length 4 inches in width (20 cm x 10 cm).

Cut a set of five large paper for Christmas tree decorations in red white and green, suitable for hanging in front of the window or from the ceiling. This set is especially made in the festive colors of Your choice.

Step two:

assemble decoration. Most are short on the sides, the longest in the center. Fix the ends of the paper strips iron rivet, as is evident from the figure 4.

In principle it’s very simple