How to make lamp TetraBox?

How to make lamp TetraBox?

Architect and designer Ed Chew invented how to make lamp TetraBox.

He came up with something very simple and great at the same time: to do something useful and beautiful and at the same time save nature a lot of cardboard and shows how make lamp. The lamp itself is made up of several hexagons and pentagons, which, when joined, are gradually forming a ball.

So what we need

The use of the tetrabrik box is so good that we get to use 90% of it. Each box, more or less, will constitute a hexagon, so we can be talking about 450 boxes to make a lamp. Of course we can make it smaller.

How to make lamp TetraBox?
You can now have an idea of what a SIMPLE LAMP means: 450 boxes less that we throw to the environment, or the energy that will be saved avoiding the recycling process.

How to make lamp TetraBox?
It is certainly a great project, which has us entertained, relaxes, and can be a joint project with children or partners.


  • The only difference is that the measures for folding the strip are different. In this case we must mark on the strip of 13 cm a first mark at 2.1 cm, the next at 1.8 and the next one at 1.8, then another at 2.1, etc. Thus, when folding it we will have a triangle with a long side (of 2.1 cm) and two sides of 1.8cm.
  • We must reduce the width of the strips of 1.8 cm in width with which we will join the triangles with each other so that they enter without problem in the triangles to join.
  • The 2 cm side of the triangles should ALWAYS be the outer side when we arm the pentagon.
  • We thus obtain a pentagon with 5 sides of 2.1 cm

How to make lamp TetraBox?

Once we have both, take a strip of the 1.8 cm and fold it in a V-shaped (with the silver out) and join the triangles in the part that remained with the tab out.

How to make lamp TetraBox?

Then you simply have to join the hexagons. To make lamp I began to circle the central pentagon of hexagons.

How to make lamp TetraBox?

By the way, if you have the carton from the refrigerator, you can make it a very beautiful lamp.