Headband “Bug of Love” For Valentine’s Day

As a exclusive Valentine enjoyment for our kids investigators, we make several dress-up headbands to transform them into little “love bug”. They had so many amusement giggling and playing from their new heart shaped antennas.

You need
  • colored paper
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • thick marker (optional)
  • tape
  • glue
  • pompoms (optional)

How We Make It

Gather all the materials!

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

At first cut a long band of colored paper for the headband. Roll it up around child head to see how many paper you have necessity for. Usually two strips of paper size A4 should be taped together to get the right length. Cut away the surplus, and lay it smooth.

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

Now cut out some shapes to beautify your amazing headband. The easiest way to do a heart is cut out a rectangular of paper and bended it in half. Further draw a curved half heart shape along the fold. Warily cut along your lines and open out the heart!

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

Next step

Start glue on the heart shapes to embellish your headband. When you are done, tape the band into a loop so it fits around child head.

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

Begin doing your “Love Bug” antennae next. For that cut yet two large red hearts – these will top off your bug antennas. We glued pom poms in the center of the hearts to add a sparkly touch.

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

Take a striped pipe cleaner and wrap it around pencil or the marker, making a coil. Softly drag the pipe cleaner and tug the ends to expand out the coil to a acceptable length. You may also experiment with other ways of bending the pipe cleaners to make another love bug.

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

Now we need soundly stick the pipe cleaners to the headband, and tape the hearts to top ends of the pipe cleaners to finish your love bug headband!

Headband "Love Bug" For Valentine's Day

That’s all!

I hope that your children will be very happy to stay in this Valentine’s Day real “Love Bug”.

By the way, you can do with your children pretty heart on the bag.