DIY A very simple leather bag

I love leather things for durability, reliability and practicality. Now I will show you how to make a simple but interesting leather bag.

If you have an old leather jacket, you can make a bag out of it. The size of bags depends on the size of the material. You can also use any other material dense structure.

We need:

  • thick cloth (we have a piece of leather)
  • twice ribbon
  • hole puncher

First step.

We cut out our fabric circle. For this, we can take a large plate or newspaper to make a pattern of the circle and attach it to the fabric. Then cut.

Second step.

Then at the same distance from each other, we celebrate, where we will make holes with a hole punch.

Third step.

Made holes. Now we take our ribbon and threaded around the entire circumference of the fabric.

Fourth step.

Tighten the ribbon and we are going bag. You can tie this ribbon in a bow or in another convenient site. And we just have to attach the strap to the bag.

Fifth step.

To do this, we just simply cling to the strap on both sides of the bag for the ribbon.

And our bag ready. Simple and easy!