How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

DIY: How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

You know for sure that it is impossible to make a masterwork?

If you saw the snowflakes dance in the “Nutcracker” ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the certainly understand why many people are in love with ballet and little girls dream of becoming a ballerina polls. It’s fine! It’s so beautiful that I want to watch again and again. That is why today we learn will how to make panels with these beautiful and delicate creatures.

But the photo is straight along, you may like to see the video tutorial at the end of this article.

Now you need:

  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Sponge and mediu brush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun set

First of all, preparation of panels.

Take 3 pieces of plywood measuring 10 by 12 inches, and cover the canvas. Fix the canvas on the glue. While preparing the glue dries the paint. For this panel, I chose the color pink. I mixed it in a bowl of red ink 2 and 4 of the white. After the glue has dried, cover pink acrylic paint on canvas with the sponge brush.

How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

The picture was put on a panel

Download picture of a ballerina, print and make copy it using carbon paper on a panel. Work carefully and try to not  stain the panels with carbon paper.

How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

And now we come to the most difficult!

On how accurately you paint silhouette of a ballerina, so professionally will look is your thing. First, draw a small brush all the edges and small parts. Then take the medium brush and cover with the remaining parts. If you do, consider that you are a pro. Leave to dry dancer and go take a walk a couple of hours.

How to make Ballerina Canvas Wall Art

The most creative and exciting part

It remains only beautify our beauty. It can be decorated with lace ribbons, beads, beads and all that you will find in the house. Here, you can set free your imagination.

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed it. You can watch the video below for more details.

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