Simple handmade pots out of cement

Hi. Now on the Internet you can find some very interesting things made of cement. I always thought that to do so is very difficult.
In the summer, I began experimenting with cement and I got the first time. But it has appeared that this material can do any thing.Even if you’ve never worked with cement, I guarantee you that you will make wonderful handmade pots on the first try.

What you will need:

  • cement mix
  • disposable bowl or bucket for mixing
  • disposable cup
  • paint stirrer
  • containers for molds
  • gold leaf kit
  • gloves

So, let’s begin!

You need to take four parts of cement with one part water and stir in a bowl. The mixture should be a thick consistency, more liquid than dry.

Take a milk carton, or other pots and use as a form.

Have something to add weight handy in the smaller containers to hold them in place. I stacked paint sample bottles in the milk cartons, but you can use rocks or anything else you have around your house.

Go ahead

Pour the mix in the larger containers and pound them on the ground to release any air bubbles. I noticed that as long as the mix is homogenous, the pots will have a smooth solid surface. The mix should go 1/3 or half way to the rim – keeping in mind that once you add the smaller container in, the cement mix will rise up. Add in the smaller containers in the middle, with weights to hold them down in place.

After about 10-15 min they were rock solid!

Peel the containers out and let your cement pots cure overnight. For drainage, I drilled holes at the bottom of the pots. To add gold leaf designs, I started creating different geometric shapes on the pots and marked them with masking tape. Brush adhesive, and layer the gold leaf.

I let it dry for an hour, then brushed off excess gold leaf and added sealant. Once it’s dry, you can remove the tape and add your plants, adding a a layer of gravel at the bottom of your pots before adding soil.


By the way the beautiful flower pots you can make from plastic bottles.

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