DIY Wall handmade clocks

Hi. Today, watches have lost their former glory, when every home was the “main clock” by which all members of the household checked the time. And this watch was very expensive. Their cherished and passed on by inheritance. And even if now is the time to learn and have microwave, wall clock we need as an element of decor. Therefore, handmade clock people love and appreciate.

If you want to make a wall clock with your hands, then you have to go over the materials in the storeroom or garage, in General, in the place where you store all sorts of unnecessary things.

Step 1: Preparing mentally! 🙂

Because, in order to make the clock, you will need

  • old vinyl record,
  • dominoes (rather old),
  • paint,
  • sponge for painting
  • super glue
  • clock mechanism.

DIY Wall handmade clocks

Step 2: Cleaning plate

Remove from the LP sticker and slightly abrade the surface so the paint will better stick on vinyl. But try not to scratch the surface.

DIY Wall handmade clocks

Step 3: Painting

Cover the entire surface of the vinil plate light coat of paint. I took the bright paint because my dominoes were black. So you can experiment with colors, even put on a domino stage 1 light 1 dark (if you have a domino of different colors).

DIY Wall handmade clocks

Step 4: Grab in the hands of the glue!

After drying, place a dominoes round and attach with glue. Do not forget that each bone must be adhered not only exactly but in his place. it is important to do.

DIY Wall handmade clocks

Step 5: The easiest part! 🙂

Insert clockwork, once again check all …. And your clock ready! You watchmaker!

Hooray! You can run and find a place on the wall where you attach it! And do not forget to insert a new battery to the clock so showed the exact time!
If you did this, I am proud of you!

DIY Wall handmade clocks

Here are a couple of design options clock and dominoes, but you must have your views and unique!