How easy to make handmade bracelet from zipper

If you have some locking zippers with metal teeth, don’t hurry to throw them away. Because of them, you can easily make a great decoration such as this one handmade bracelet.

We need them to.

  • A few metal zippers.
  • pliers,
  • scissors,

And you know how to make a bracelet of zipper?

You can make bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. In short, everything that your fantasy will prompt you.

This is the easiest bracelet I’ve ever seen. Take scissors and carefully cut the fabric from the zipper. Then, light the lighter and melt the cut. If the fabric is not made of synthetic materials but cotton, then secure the fabric using a glue (that’s why I took it). To seal the ends of the thread along the cutting.


You only need to cut fabric piece and secure with glue the edge of the material. We can only attach to zipper lock ring to attach it to the hand.

And our decoration is ready.

How can we even decorate this handmade bracelet.

Of course, nobody forbids you to be stuck on this bracelet even decorations such as small decorative keys, letters, the stones and so on. The most important thing to respect the style of decoration, the rest you tell your imagination.zipper-jewelry3

This is a very stylish and fashionable. However, if you think it’s not your style, you can give this handmade bracelet to a teenagers. They are in the know. While!



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