10 handicrafts from twine

Hello, everyone! Today I bought a few skeins of twine and decided to decorate their flower pots. Also pots can be a lot more things to do in twine. Below I will give you some ideas.

To our vase has turned out more goodly, we need to take a thicker twine. I took 0.5 cm, but you can use any but no more than 1 cm.

We need

  • a ball of twine.
  • the glue gun.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Wide fruit bowl

And first of all

Take the glue gun and we fix end of the rope to the bottom of the vase. Then, start to wind the rope on the vase itself, sticking it every 1-2 inches (photo 1). Continue until you fill the entire surface of the vase. When we get to the edge, cut the rope and seal the end.


Then make the bottom of the vase. In the same strings begin to make a disc see the photo 3. When the drive is the right size, glue it well to the bottom of the vase.

handicrafts from twine

Congratulations to you! Your first handicrafts from twine or other say “ECO-FRIENDLY VASE” is ready!

And in the end a few more ideas handicrafts from twine

Below in the gallery you can view other ideas to decorate their ordinary things with twine. You will see for yourself what a simple rope can completely change the usual way of household items. Click on the photos to view them full size.

By the way you can watch how to make homemade trivets and coasters from twine

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