Handcrafted jewelry like a Christmas Tree

Interesting handcrafted jewelry for the New Year, you can do it yourself. In this case it will be in the form of Christmas trees earrings that perfectly complement any costume or masquerade matinee. Time for their production, you will need quite a bit.

To make earrings out of wire as eaten with your hands, you will need:


  • green aluminum wire, 1.5 mm;
  • shvenzy;
  • Red beads 8 mm;
  • a sheet of paper and a pencil;
  • pliers;
  • wire cutters;
  • needlenose pliers.

Handcrafted jewelry like the Christmas Tree

Step 1.

On a sheet of paper, draw a layout of the earrings in full size. In this case, he will need to give a triangular shape to the shape tree, and the transitions from layer to layer to make a smooth, wavy.

Step 2.

Using threads can measure the length of the wire subject to the curls on the ends.

Step 3.

Take a bite from a coil of wire a piece of the desired length.

Step 4.

With needle-nose pliers and round nose pliers give the wire form. During operation check the layout, applying the workpiece to sheet of paper. If necessary, correct all discrepancies immediately.

Handcrafted jewelry like the Christmas Tree

Step 5.

At the end of the wire put on a red bead. Excess wire, if necessary, bite. Make sure the bead is tight on the wire.

Step 6.

The end of the wire bead with a wrap in the form of a ring, as shown in the photo.

Handcrafted jewelry like the Christmas Tree

Step 7.

To an eyelet in the top of the tree attach the enclosure.

Step 8.

Similarly make the second earring. So easy to make handcrafted jewelry.




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