A bottle of champagne in a beautiful gift wrapping

This wine bottle gift wrapping is our take on the traditional wine bottle wrap. The Christmas holidays often involves visits to see friends, family and loved ones and we never like to show up empty handed! A bottle of something lovely makes a great thank you gift, but how do we gift it in such a way that expresses our gratitude?

This fun crepe paper amaryllis flower is surprisingly simple to make and turns a traditional host or hostess gift into something rather wonderful.

So we need

We used our festive floristic crepe paper to create this unique wine bottle wrap. The nice thing about using the floristic crepe is that it stretches beautifully to create those full bloom petals yet it is heavy enough to retain its structural shape – perfect!


we draw on thick paper silhouette of petals and leaves. Then a stencil cut out the petals, leaves and pistils according to pattern.

Whereupon, twist six center pieces leaving top untwisted. Fold in half, bunch and glue on top of champagne (see image 4).

Further more,

glue 2 layers of petals into tubes diameter slightly smaller bottle. Then slide onto top of bottle. Now wrap crepe around base of bottle and glue. Bottle and tuck in leaves as figures 8. Stretch centers of petals and fold out to create bloom.

It now remains

to tie a bouquet of gold ribbon, and gather to visit or to a party.


Happy holidays everyone!



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