Gift bag made of cloth for an original gift. DIY

Traditional-style Fabric Gift Bag Instructions DIY step-by-step tutorial.

Today we will do a super beautiful handbag (gift bag) for an original gift. We will need two pieces of cloth in a flower or another of your choice.

Do not worry, although it will be crafts and a bit more complicated than our leather bag, it is easy to do

So to make the gift bag we will need:
  • I took two pieces of fabric 50 to 25 cm. You can make a purse of a different size for your gift.
  • Sharp scissors, preferably fabric scissors,

How to cut the fabric seen in the figure. There are approximate sizes. Fold the fabric in half and sew the sides. In the center of the entrance of the bag sew a loop of cord. Fold the bag as shown in figure 6 and sew corners.

When we finished both bags, put one inside the other. Pay attention to the fact that the bags should be facing inwards. Sew up the bags as shown in figure 8.

Turn the bags right side out. We have almost everything ready.

It was necessary to put in the corners of the rivets to give strength and beauty of course.

Sew a pretty button in the place as shown in figure 12. Well, all of our gift bag ready. You can still to touch the iron to the bag kept the form. Voila, your gift is ready.

Gift bag made of cloth