Flower pot from a plastic bucket.

Flower pot from a plastic bucket.

I saw an interesting homemade flower pot last week. This is not my first or second homemade flower pot, so I boldly improvised and made myself the same.. I think this is a great idea for a house that will decorate your windowsill. The pot is very simple to make and does not need expensive materials. In this flower pot, you can safely plant flowers.

From the tools we need: stationery knife, coarse sandpaper, scissors, medium-sized paint brush.

Today we need.

For the manufacture of the pot you will need:

• Plastic bucket;
• Bandage:
• PVA glue;
• Hot Glue Gun;
• Openwork laces, various trifles;
• Nail polish remover
• Acrylic paints (white and black);;
• Acrylic lacquer.

Let’s first prepare the bucket. (dirty job)

Cut a ring of rigidity with a knife (pic.1). Then thoroughly clean the surface of the pot with sandpaper.(pic.2)

plastic bucket

To make the fabric adhere well, the bucket needs to be degreased. Gently wipe it with nail polish remover.

Step 2 (more pleasant things)

Glue the bandage with white glue. Excess bandage wrap over the edge of the bucket (pic.3). And leave to dry.

Step 3 (So now the most interesting)

While the glue is drying (usually a few hours) we will prepare decorations for the flower pot (pic.4).

Now we turn on our creativity and begin to decorate the bucket with the help of lace, ribbons, beads, buttons, artificial flowers and everything that comes to your mind (pic.5-9).

decorate the pot

We try, because we do for ourselves. 🙂

A little more and Ready. How about you ?

Stop for a few hours and go for a walk until the glue dries.

Step 4, painting (you need to be prepared so that you can get dirty)

Attentively and carefully paint the bucket with black paint and leave to dry for a day.

When the black paint is dry we can start decorating with white paint (pic.15). To do this, we need a small hard brush. Take a little paint on the brush and begin to gently paint the protruding parts of ornament. No need to press hard.

That’s all (here the striving comes to an end).

Again leave (how many times?) on the day that the paint has dried. Although today you can go to the flower shop and choose a wonderful flower for our pot.

That’s what I got. By the way, you can also decorate a plate for a flower pot.

And only now we can enjoy your wonderful flower pot.

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