Do you like Easter lily? DIY.

Hi, today I am going to give the pink and yellow watercolor Easter lily template. This is one of the few paper flowers I make with a card stock. Since the petals are large and few, the extra thickness works well with this paper flower. The template below includes both a front and back print of the flower so you will see color on both sides. Just follow my step-by-step tutorial and you will find yourself with a pretty spring lily to use for a gift topper, to decorate your Easter table, or to enjoy at your office.

let’s go to make Easter lily.

Download and print side one, turn paper and print side two. Using scissors or knife trim all pieces.

I know it’s tiring but it’s worth it. 🙂

Take florist wire with a length of 12 inches and fold wire in half and fold tip again (see pic.3). Glue center stigma between wires.

So we need

It’s not all, glued on.

Gum 6 stamen around stigma. Snip 1.5 inch slit at end of each petal and fold petals in half with pink side up. Curl petals tips with edge of scissors as photo 8.

Do you like Easter lily?

Well continue

Firstly, cross slit pieces and glue them. Take the hole punch and goalwards hole in each base of petal.
Then slide three petals onto wire and glue (fig.11), late slide last three petals, arrange and glue (fig.12).

The final push

The easiest part :-). Now, we use florist tape to completely cover wire. Curl leaves with edge of scissors and glue leaves onto stem.

Do you like Easter lily?

Well, our Lily is ready and pleased the world with their beauty. But if you made the Easter Lily the world a better place.
Do you like Easter lily?