DIY Pano from buttons

DIY Pano from buttons

As for half an hour to make a simple but very “homest” Pano for the living room.

Hello. What to make out of old buttons. Make dolls, toys, picture frames, jewelry boxes and so on. So, let’s do a Pano of decorative buttons…

For this we need:

  • wooden plaque for the base,
  • brown and green buttons,
  • glue,
  • a pencil and scraps for the formation of branches

Step 1

We will recalculate our buttons (joking). Prepare a sheet of plywood
DIY Pano from buttons

Step 2

So, take our plate and draw on it the silhouette of our future tree

DIY Pano from buttons pic.2

Step 3

Now carefully glue our buttons, forming a crown, branches, trunk and roots

DIY Pano from buttons pic.3

Step 4

Who will be the most difficult thing. For the crown of the tree, you can use the buttons are not only green but also yellow and even red. This may be an autumn tree. Krona should get something like this:

DIY Pano from buttons. pic.4

Step 5

The most delicious in the end, make the trunk and roots of a tree. And the trunk and roots including:

DIY Pano from buttons pic.5

Voila, our Pano ready! I really hope that you enjoy this Pano.

It is also very interesting panels of 3 blocks of here