DIY Mat of pompons

Home is the place where you can escape from stress and problems, relax and recharge with family and friends. And it’s nice when the house is nice memorabilia made by hand! For example, fluffy baby rug of pompons. This cute accessory is not only beautify the nursery, and will delight your little one. This Mat will fit in the environment outside the child’s room, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort in almost any interior. Let’s try to make a rug from pompoms with their hands! It’s a soothing occupation, which, though will take quite a long time, but will take a lot of pleasure. At its creation it will take from three hours to several days, it all depends on how well-developed fine motor skills. How to make a rug of pompons: step by step instructions.

Collect all the necessary materials together. Take the device for the manufacture of pompom, open the two rings and align with one another. Wrap their hair until it is completely closed semicircle.

Then wrap the wool the second part of the device and close it in such a way to make wool wrapped ring. Now cut the hair on both sides of the semicircle.

Take a piece of yarn and tie it in the center, between the two halves of the device for making pompons.

Remove the finished pompom from the device. A piece of yarn that you tied the pompom needs to store the length of about 5 cm Make a few dozen pompoms, the same or different sizes. Their number depends on your imagination and project the future of the rug and its form.

Then thread the wool thread through the holes in the fabric stitching, tying the POM-poms are close to each other. When they close the entire area of the fabric, your rug is ready!




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