Diy Chicken of woolen yarn

Good time of day. As a child I loved to play with the chickens who lived in our home. I grew up in but the love this soft, warm and fluffy creatures living in me. Today I will show you detailed DIY chicken of yarn. Introduce your children to crafting, this master class is ideal for collaborative writing. Fast and easy in your hands the threads turn into a charming chicken.

We will need a few balls of wool.

Materials Diy Chicken

The color can be

  • white,
  • yellow,
  • brown,
  • black,
  • red,
  • orange,
  • etc.
Yet it is not very important, because even if your chicken is blue, you will still be his love.

Ffirst of all

Make a blank of thread as shown below. Cut the yarn approximately 6 inches. Fold (see photo 1). Firmly fix with 2 sides.

In the photo it is clearly visible and understandable to the order of our actions, so I decided not to bother with the text. By the way the same way, you can make a chicken out of white thread and gray, turn the bird.

Eye make beads or small round buttons. Crafts can be used as a toy or for example as a decoration for Easter.

If you like to sew then I can recommend you to make toys out of felt. Also if you liked this lesson please share it on the social network.

Diy Chicken of woolen yarn

Good luck with your creativity!



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