Diy Chicken of woolen yarn

Good time of day. As a child I loved to play with the chickens who lived in our home. I grew up in but the love this soft, warm and fluffy creatures living in me. Today I will show you detailed DIY chicken of yarn. Introduce your children to crafting, this master class is ideal for collaborative writing. Fast and easy in your hands the threads turn into a charming chicken.

We will need a few balls of wool.

For the manufacture of chickens will need:
• Wool or other yellow yarn;
• Cardboard templates;
• A little foam;
• For eyes – beads;
• For nozzles – apple seeds and glue;
• For paws – red thread, a piece of plastic and glue. I use adhesives like Titan (TITAN WILD, AXTON), they dry faster, but you can also use PVA.
We wind yarn on cardboard. Patterns of this size:
– Breast – 10 cm
– Back, Wings – 7 cm

Make a blank of thread as shown below

Cut the winding and get three bundles of threads. In the middle of the longest bundle (breast) we wind some threads (otherwise the head will be too small). Leave the back as it is, and bandages the wings in the middle. I added 3-4 white strings to the wings. Why – I do not know, it just seemed better.
We wrap a piece of foam rubber in order to get a round or slightly oval ball. This will be a chicken tummy.

We start the “assembly” of the chicken. We put the breast and the back on each other so that they would “hook” with the middle centers.

Tie each bundle at the site of adhesion, forming a head.

If you put the back and the breast together, then its (head) is already clearly visible.

We expand the breast and back so that the head is at the bottom and at the junction we impose across the wings, and on top – a tummy ball. Without touching the wings, we surround the foam ball with bunches of breast and back. Carefully straighten the back and chest, and by connecting the tips together, we tie a tail. Length should be enough, if not enough, make another “tummy”, smaller.

The tail is located asymmetrically, the back is short, the breast is longer, but it should be so, because in almost every bird most of the volume falls on the breast and tummy.

If any thread is lost, then with the help of a hook, we refuel it so that it lies in place. I don’t know how you will do it, but I use the hook quite often to put the strings neatly.

Carefully cut the tail, it becomes like a pompon.

In order to turn the resulting blank into a nestling, it remains a bit: glue the beak-seed and sew / glue the eyes. I prefer to sew, picking up the thread in color.

The chicken is made in the same way as the chickens, only the templates are longer, and the tummy (the ball inside) is bigger for solidity. What makes it really chicken is a comb. Here it will dwell in more detail. There is only one photo, but I think everything will be clear.

What is needed for scallops:
• Two pieces of fabric of a suitable color measuring 2 to 3 cm. This is already with a margin for trimming, the final size of the scallops is approximately 1–1.5 cm in height and 2–2.5cm in length;
• Glue;
• Red wool thread;
• A small piece of plastic – on what to dry.

Scallop manufacturing process:

1. Glue two pieces of fabric with glue and leave on the plate until completely dry. Glue is needed for stiffness comb.
2. We cut the workpiece: from above – in the form of a scallop, from below with an arc in the shape of the head.
3. Pasting the top of the scallop (its visible part) with a woolen thread and again leaving it to dry.
4. Glue the comb to the head.

Chicken is ready!

Chicks gathered around her.

See, admire, and best of all – make your chickens!

Thank you for attention! All creative success!





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