Decorate a ordinary hair clip

DIY. Upgrade an ordinary hair clip

Hi. Do you have friends with long hair? Of course you have, since many women have long hair that grace its owner. A beautiful hair pin has always been and will be a welcome gift for the person with such hair, especially if this decorate hair clip is hand-made and unique.

So today we make from a simple plastic hair clip, a beautiful and sweet thing, which I hope will delight a pretty, sweet girl.

What we will need:

Let’s get started.

Cut 3 pieces from a broad ribbon, with a length of 20-25 cm, depending on the size of the bow. My hair clip was a length of 9 cm. And the bow I made is about 2 cm more. Ribbon make a ring. The ends of the fabric, glue the overlap, as in photo 4.

Decorate a ordinary hair clip

Thus glue all three rings from a wide ribbon. When the glue is dry, take together 2 rings and bandages in the middle of the thread, as clearly seen in photo 6.

The next step

Take the third ring and tied it with thread in the middle. Collect all 3 rings together, and again tied thread (see photo 8). It was the turn of a narrow strip to decorate our hair. Cut a piece of length approximately 15 cm Tie regular host so that it happened in the middle of the ribbon (figure 9). Wrap a bow from the wide ribbon narrow ribbon with a knot. And fasten a narrow strip of glue (photo 10). The extra tape is cut off.

Decorate a ordinary hair clip

The last step

We just need to fix with glue to our wonderful bow to decorate hair clip. And voila, our remarkable gift is ready. It remains to make him a gift box, and you can give!

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