How to make a Christmas Tree in 15 minutes

Elegant tree in the house is the main guest of each new year holiday. But rarely someone stops in preparation for the new year on just one fancy tree in the house. As a rule, the owners tend to decorate every corner of their homes. However, many of the decorations are made with their own hands. Made by tree of the cone will be not only a symbol of the holiday, but also the pride of any “homemader”. And because fantasy is the fact that it has no boundaries, dimensions, materials and appearance cone-shaped Christmas trees will depend on your taste, desire and skill.

Alternative Christmas tree

  • To do this, simply glue the cardboard in a cone shape and decorate it ready, bought balloons and garlands.
  • If jewelry not, they can be easily made from paper, crumpling it into a ball and covering his bright and brilliant nail Polish. So it will keep the form and acquire the desired color

Christmas tree with garland

  • Cardboard cone, any color, decorated with garland, for which take the thread and sticking to it triangles from paper or foil.
  • Even for this variant can approach the bows, instead of check boxes-triangles. The rectangle of paper folded like an accordion and tie the center with thread. A bow coated with glue and until it dries, sprinkle shiny sand (glitter).

Beautiful cone tree is obtained from cardboard with mother-of-pearl and glass beads

  • Glass are easily attached with a drop of superglue.
  • If pretty cardboard, you can glue it with foil. Glass is easy to replace the rhinestones with unnecessary clothes.

Christmas tree made from glossy photo paper

  • Make a Christmas tree out of a cone in the style of abstraction with lacquer stains. Color pick at their discretion.
  • Such a construction can be issued from an ordinary cardboard and paint, covering it with a transparent varnish.

White tree, decorated with a cotton pad

  • Here you can also use glitter or paint.
  • In the absence of circles them replace the fabric, cutting them out of soft fabric.

Surround the tree with thick foil

  • Cut out 2 identical in shape and size of the trees, and then cut one of them in the center, starting from the bottom of the base and not reaching the top. The remaining intact fragment of the clothes in a partially bifurcated.
  • This option can be done with cardboard, decorating it to your own taste.

Fluffy cone tree

Made from sheets of paper folded diagonally, corner to corner, and is decorated with glitter.

Cone Christmas tree with a star foil on the match

  • Fabric design would be a great idea that can bring to life even a child.
  • In this embodiment, it is possible to replace the fabric velvet paper.
  • So here it will be appropriate foil for decorating.
  • Or you can use paint, glitter or lacquers.