DIY Christmas toys made of felt

Christmas toys bring us back to childhood!

O God, how I love these naive and cute toys. It is a great joy, a little child! Crafts from felt soft and pleasant to the touch, this material is easy and interesting to work with. Items can be sewn on the machine, by hand or glue. But today we details going to sew. Those of you who have not ever held a needle and thread in hand be not afraid, here isn’t complicated. Such toys can make even the children.

To make these cute Christmas toys, you’ll need to prepare a pattern from paper or cardboard on them to describe the details, cut and neatly sew them like in the photo.

So we need:

  • felt 3 colors
  • scissors,
  • needle,
  • white thread,
  • glue for fabric
  • a bit of cotton wool
  • paper for stencils

So, let’s begin.

First draw a pencil silhouette of our toys on a sheet of plain paper A4. Of course you can find on the Internet a bunch of drawings on the theme of Christmas, but I prefer if you can draw yourself. Do not worry if you do not know how to draw well, a kind of “children’s” clumsiness very benefit toys.

Step two,

cut along the contour silhouettes future of toys. But here it is necessary to cut carefully, because if you do not comply with the dimensions and the toy will turn ugly.

Well, the last part is the hardest!

Getting to “assemble” toys. Sew pieces as shown in the figure. You can experiment with color and thread thickness. Use beads, buttons, different old, small and beautiful decorations.
DIY Christmas toys made of felt

Even if you do not like what happened, do not throw away these toys. Store them in a cardboard box, then they will remind you of your first clumsy attempts to do something for the first time. And now, drink tea, and then do the other!