Miniature Christmas Tree Made Of Pine Cones

The Christmas holidays can not do without a Christmas tree. And it is not necessary to have a big tree. You can make a miniature Christmas tree with their hands out to one of the bigwigs. To make such a tree is not difficult. Bump its shape is reminiscent of a fluffy forest beauty, so to make her a Christmas tree – it’s the easiest way: it is necessary to decorate our Christmas tree – cone. You can paint the cone with green paint, the tips of the cones to cover the silver varnish to get the effect of sparkling snow on the branches, to the “legs” of the melt adhesive gun to glue small beads or beads and place in a small container. Can the forest beauty to decorate with tinsel, snowflakes.

Here are some of the options for miniature Christmas trees from one of the cones.




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