Bulk paper flowers with their hands – the man-made beauty!

Paper bouquets can become an original gift and decoration for gift packing, decoration basket with sweets.

You have to put a little bit of imagination, spend a little time and a minimum of materials.

How diverse is the world of flowers, so a wide selection of their paper counterparts.

Chrysanthemum — dimensional paper flowers, hand made


You can choose the fancy color fluffy chrysanthemums. The bouquet well blended lilac – pink flowers, pistachio cream. The choice – to your taste. Need quite a bit of time and skill to make a bouquet of these flowers.

1 chrysanthemums need a strip of thin paper base color with a width of 5-6 cm, paper for leaves, green wire, scissors, glue, sticky tape.

First we cut out a strip with a length of 20-25 cm (the longer the strip, the fluffier and fuller the flower will be). One side cut into thin fringe 1-2 mm. Depth of slots is 3.5-4 cm Then on the bottom edge of the adhesive tape applied thereto the end of the wire and wrap the cut strip on the stem. Fringe is going in the fluffy halo of the chrysanthemum.

From green paper cut out rounded leaves, the amount they will give wide pleats. Attach them with tape or glue to the stem. Bouquet associated with beautiful ribbon or put in a vase.




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