How To Turn Milk Carton Into Beautiful Planters

Hi! Probably you know that I don’t throw plastic bottles because it is an excellent material for handicraft. I made a Christmas tree out of bottles and lamp, large beautiful vase and a few flower pots. By the way about flower pots. They can be made from almost anything. Even from an empty packet of the milk can make beautiful planters.

It would seem that an empty package of milk, will not do. But, if you include fantasy, it turns out, a very unusual flower pot.

What we need:

  • some empty packets of milk
  • a small piece of cotton cloth
  • scissors
  • hot gun glue

So, let’s start?

First cut off from the upper part of the package. And well will wash bags of milk residues. Now we need a strip of fabric width of 1 inch and a length of about 3 feet. Take the strip and glue the end to the upper edge of the package from the milk. We begin to glue a strip around the package and in regular intervals falling down. When we got to the bottom end of the fabric glue there.

That’s all!

First, our flowerpot from the empty milk package is ready. And further. Cloth can take any color and any pattern. From this your pots will only become more beautiful.

Attention! Do not forget the holes for drainage in the bottom of the package. Otherwise, your plants get sick.


How To Turn Milk Carton Into Beautiful Planters

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