About our project

In our days time is running particularly fast. New things, events, creative ideas burst into our lives on a daily basis. Then there are new extraordinary personality, cool designs are changing global trends are born mega thoughts and insight occur. Information comes to us in a great flow of inspiration and possibilities.

what2craft.info this site is about creativity, about creation in all its forms – from the simple things you can do with your hands to the tops of art and mass production.

For people who make things with their hands – we want to show new directions, to talk about new materials, to push them to new ideas, to talk about what other authors are doing. I want to invite them to think in new ways, to create a new style, to do hand made things adequate to the present trends of modern design.

And You, dear friends, we write about what is interesting about what You do with your hands, about creativity, about where to draw ideas…