A three-dimensional heart origami

Unusual three-dimensional heart out of paper to make origami and present to the good friend or loved one as a Valentine. The heart will look good as decor for the house, and to make it very simple.


To make a three-dimensional heart origami, you will need a bilateral sheet of paper is red.
Step 1. Take the prepared sheet. It needs to be rectangular. The difference between the length and width of the figure should be 1 – 2 cm Fold the paper exactly in the middle, forming a fold line. Again expand it.

Step 2. The lower part of the rectangle, fold as shown in the photo. In the end, you should get a square.

Step 3. Fold the square in half across existing fold lines.

Step 4. One half of the triangle, wrap angle to the fold line. You should get the room a triangular shape.

Step 5. The same triangle shape on the other side.


Step 6. Flip the figure.

Step 7. The angles of the triangles from the fold, fold out, as shown in the photo. It is necessary for the formation of creases.

Step 8. External corners fold the triangles toward the center. Leave them in this position.

Step 9. The corners of the paper from the center fold fold the outside again, closing the small triangles, and roll them in the pocket.

Step 10. These photo corners will salemite.

Step 11. Turn over the heart.

Step 12. Your finger on the center fold fold the upper part to obtain the desired shape. If necessary, adjust the size of the paper.


Heart is ready.




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