12 ideas for photo decoration in your interior

We all appreciate the good moments and memories, and sometimes you may want to bring them into our daily life. Probably all from time to time have a desire to turn your house into a kind of photo gallery.

There are ways to implement this idea, decorating your stylish and beautiful interior. Unfortunately, many people go the easiest way – buy plain picture frames and place them throughout the house. This is the easiest way, but for interior design is certainly not the best, pay attention to the decoration of the interior. For example, we would like to offer you some original ideas that will allow you to place favorite pictures in the house so that it looked nice and with minimal costs. If you make a repair of apartments with their hands, our ideas can even be a starting point in developing your interior design and development of your imagination.

1. Stylish vintage photo frame

This is really original and interesting idea. You can place in a similar frame large enough number of photos to select them according to your mood, tones or ago. This frame is easy to fabricate with his own hands. You will need wooden planks, which you can varnish, paint, decorate or leave in its original form. Fasten them with nails and staples. Then secure it to the empty frame of twine and hang pictures on it, securing them with wooden clothespin, for example. In addition, you can print photos with various effects like black and white or Sepia tone.

2. Photos of old Bank

In fact, you may be surprised, but from old cans can get a great frame for photos. A great idea for those who have not looked in your kitchen cabinets. It is enough to place the photo inside the jar, and the original frame is ready. But if you want to add a more vintage look, fill a jar with vegetable oil and add some dried flowers. This will create a striking effect.

3. The use of metal clips and wire

Very elegant look black and white photos, if you hang them on a metal wire using the iron clips. You can choose the background, using any material, here for example, will look great black. Plus through the use of computer programs you can add to them various effects. For example, more of the white background. Besides, as the background will look great, for example, leather panels, which you can do with your hands.

4. Colorful frames for photographs

As an example, look at this colorful composition. It has a very strong visual impact despite its simplicity. These compositions look playful and elegant. Each of the pictures framed in any color. You can use a simple black frame for registration of such pictures, and can hang on a wall just like these colorful paintings. In any case, the effect will make you happy.

5. The use of ceramic tile

Very interesting and simple version of the design and placement of pictures. You will need pictures, glue, scissors and ceramic tile, then it all depends on your imagination, you can combine different colors, choose shades and decorate them with different elements. You can use tiles of different sizes and colors, forms and some jewelry that used to create your own composition. Mounted on the wall tile using double-sided tape.

6. Horizontally hung pictures

This is a great idea for kids, or for back yard, veranda or terrace. Especially during the conduct of various events. That used to pin photos, you can use the usual clothespins for Laundry, or to make holes in the corners of the photo and stretch the rope through them. For greater visual effect is better to use a plain neutral background.

7 Place the pictures on the wheel.

This is a very interesting and unusual accommodation photos.
Such a wheel will look great in the interior. And fix photos using clips or clothespins. If you pick materials and colors, you’ll have a very stylish accessory.

8. Pictures, fixed by magnets.

Such a scenario is quite common. Is not a problem to find a special cable with a few magnets. designed for use with photographs, drawings, postcards, and so on. At the top of the cable has a loop with which it is fixed to the wall, and below a special delivery that would be convenient to place pictures on it and the cable hung straight.
A great and easy way to store photos, which, incidentally, are available for purchase through the Internet.

9. Pictures on wooden boards.

Post your photos on wooden boards, they can be a little more of the picture or its size. By using hooks, for example, you can lock them on the wire or fishing line. You will create our own interesting and unexpected project, pick up themed photos. Like a collage you can place anywhere in your home, it takes up very little space and looks great in the interior.

10. Use the corners for placing photos.

You are offering you here is such an interesting way. Usually in interior design, corners are not zadeystvovany and empty. If they are not covered by furniture, decorate them, except that here such here an original framework echoing the shape of the corner. You can buy a frame online or to do with your hands from normal. It seems that the idea is simple, but you’d be surprised how similar the pictures can brighten up your room.

11. Wall clock

You need only set mechanism of the clock and a few pictures of your choice ( 4 or 12, for example). Such a simple and elegant idea leaves a huge space for improvisation. You can put these watches in a photo frame, or make a separate frame for each element, you can just position the clock and the pictures on the wall, and you can somehow decorate the clock and the wall.

12. Photo wall

You can make a selection of interesting photos, pinning them to the wall. Here is such a vivid collage you can create by using the buttons or double-sided tape. You can choose the tone that will match the decor of your interior, making a bright accent or just to complement the overall mood.




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